Celebrate Earth Day at Greater Scottsdale’s first sustainable wellness resort.

At CIVANA, we believe that thriving means constantly evolving, growing, and going with the flow. Sustainability has become a common buzzword in recent years, but that shouldn’t take away from how important it truly is for our wellbeing, our community, and our planet’s health. CIVANA is the wellness destination for those who seek the journey, and Earth Day is the perfect weekend to spend with us, to create your own current, and carve your own course.

Earth Day is a worldwide, annual event celebrated on April 22. It’s affectionately known as “The World’s Largest Environmental Movement,” and was first celebrated in 1970. The yearly event has developed dramatically over the years. Everyone is on a personal journey toward wellness, and Earth Day helps remind us of the important role that our planet plays in that process. As technology continues to develop, improvements like building energy efficiency and solar energy help improve our efforts to become even more sustainable and self-sufficient.

CIVANA was born from a place of love, for people, for our planet, and for our purpose. Our four offerings represent our wellness through oneness model. They are the cornerstone of who we are, and offer you new experiences, feelings, ideas, and approaches to wellness. Our Signature Spa offers you the opportunity to be renewed and replenished through water, the healing origin of life. Engaging in movement, breathing, sweating, vibrating, and radiating energy is another strong pillar. Proper nourishment feeds our spirit, and stirs our senses. Inner and outer discovery completes the experience. Wonder, wander, seek, pause, and reflect.

We invite you to browse our Photo Gallery. Get a sense of the sights, smells and tastes you’ll intimately experience while staying with us. CIVANA honors the individuality of all our guests, and encourages you to challenge yourself, uncover your potential, and act without pretense. Our resort is designed to offer an atmosphere of fearless positivity and endless possibility. We are with you, for you, and inspired by you. Get more details by clicking over to our Special Offers page, which includes exclusive CIVANA experiences created just for you. Book online today. We’re looking forward to seeing you on Earth Day, and all throughout the rest of the year!

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