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CIVANA was born out of a desire to make wellness more expansive and approachable.  Grounded in the philosophy of wellness through oneness, we believe in the sustainable interconnection of the individual, community and natural environment.

CIVANA is a place for the traveler to rest, nurture, nourish and discover in both playful and impactful ways.  We encourage all to Seek Deeply, Travel Lightly, Live Fully.


The words we live by at CIVANA. Our manifesto is our promise to you—and to us. To continue building on what we started. To remain true to our goals, beliefs, and values. To live it, breathe it, share it—with you.

We believe in wellness through oneness
elements in balance
earth, water, air, fire, spirit
people and planet
work and play, sweat and surrender
footprints to fingertips
we embrace
sustainability, attainability, possibility
always with integrity
we practice, we don’t preach
we create our own current, carve our own course
our energy and creativity is always flowing
our actions ripple outward
we try, dare, hope, fail, rise, grow
we find positivity, inspiration, motivation
inhale acceptance, exhale judgment
lit by love
we take care of each other
cultivate generosity, empathy, humility
(that’s our kind of hospitality)
we are all human, all different, all the same
we seek the journey
we are the destination

Elements in balance

CIVANA’s four pillars represent our wellness through oneness model. These are the cornerstone elements of who we are.


Salus por Aqua or Health through Water is the origin of SPA.

CIVANA seeks to recapture the traditions of spa with thermal therapeutic water treatments and other traditional healing arts.



We’re designed to move, breathe, exert, sweat and rest.

At CIVANA, you’re encouraged to engage with your body, move at your own pace, and embrace your own style.



CIVANA’s cuisine incorporates vegetable and fruit forward dishes with whole grains and clean proteins.

All in a variety of beautiful settings that allow you to indulge your palate, stir your sense, feed your spirit, pause and enjoy shared moments.



Wonder. Wander. Seek. Pause. Unwind. Play.
CIVANA offers a comprehensive program of wellness classes and workshops.


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