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By ML June 06, 2019

Hello Friends,

On behalf of the entire team at CIVANA, it’s with a special thrill that I extend a warm welcome to the new CIVANA LIFE blog. As I’ve no doubt you’ll experience when you get a chance to stay with us, everyone at CIVANA strives for community and meaningful connection. That connection is something that we live and breathe in both our personal and professional journeys—as moms and dads, friends, citizens of this planet, and co-creators of this healing center called CIVANA. Consider this blog our way of staying connected with you when you’re away from our campus (but never away from our hearts!).

As you may have discovered from perusing our website, our mission at CIVANA is to provide a place where everyone can exhale—where everyone enjoys wellness their way. More importantly, we want to offer an atmosphere where you feel peaceful, pampered, and joyful. The one thing I hear from everyone who visits CIVANA is that they feel a clear sense of peace and relaxation envelop them from the time they step foot on the grounds to the time they leave. Of course, the Sonoran Desert has a way of helping with that. Whether through our giant saguaro cacti strewn throughout our resort, a glorious desert sunset (courtesy of Mother Nature), or the ever-present bird song. Speaking of which, we have two resident owls by our main pool’s palm trees that you’ll be sure to meet when you come visit. I’m quite attached to these feathery friends!

Whether traveling 30 miles from home or 3,000 miles, getting away from our everyday life can help usher in a sense of peace, and CIVANA serves up that feeling in spades. Refreshing body and spirit through a vacation (or perhaps a staycation!) is great, but how do we retain that sense of peace when we return home? As a wellness destination, we feel called to not merely provide a relaxing escape from your every day life, but to also offer transformative tools and insights for vibrant health and happiness that you can take home with you.

I live in San Francisco and travel a great deal, so I know all about wanting to keep a bit of CIVANA with me when I come home. I do so by immersing myself deeply in the experience when I am at the resort and taking note of everything I experience. By flying in the silks in aerial yoga, sweating it out in a TRX class, or enjoying a soothing meditation accompanied by sound bowls, I’m very present when I’m there. Before my meetings start, my morning ritual includes teaching a meditation class, getting a turmeric elixir at Café Meto, and walking around the resort to enjoy the pink hue reflected in the Continental Mountains to the north. When our meetings have ended, I make sure to enjoy Chef Justin’s amazing food—coupled with a glass of great wine chosen for me by Bronko, our incredible veteran server who puts a smile on everyone’s face. I listen to the many birds and watch the vibrant colors surrounding me. Sometimes I even make extra time to treat myself to a great massage at our new, beautiful spa.

I’m deeply aware of how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful “office,” but let me ask you this: If you look around your everyday surroundings, do you take time to notice its unique beauty, or are you habitually rushing through your day—detached from the joys it may bring? By being truly present and paying attention, we can start to tap into that very same peaceful experience as we get when we are on vacation.

Developing a sense of awe changes how we see the world.

The lens turns out to be far more important than the scenery. My kids often laugh at me that I gush about everything, be it a gorgeous heirloom tomato at the local farmer’s market or an interesting-looking tree we pass while walking our dog. This is a habit I have purposely developed so that I focus on having awe in my life. I do that by noticing things. I offer an invitation to join me and would love to hear what you’re in awe over.

Thank you for being here, and for sharing the intention of health and balance.

We would love to get to know you better. You can connect with our CIVANA family here by leaving a comment or on Instagram or Facebook, and make sure to sign up for our emails. Let’s continue the conversation as we not only hear from our gifted healers, but also learn from you how you define wellness and—more importantly—how to find ways to bring more of it into our everyday lives.



Maggie Lang

Mom, Yogi, Student of Life, CEO

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