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CIVANA is designed to offer an atmosphere of fearless positivity and endless possibility. Of inspiration and motivation. We’re advocates and guides, supporters, and celebrators. We elevate and empower. Come find your potential. Expand your horizons. Engage your body and your soul. Embrace your limits. And sometimes, test those limits. We’re here to join you in your process.

We are with you. For you. Inspired by you.

Our team of wellness experts offer only what’s scientifically proven, professionally learned, personally lived. We promise only what we can create, together. We share our wellness experiences with fellow seekers—to impart what we’ve learned and to learn from one another.


Explore. Escape. Experience.

Carving your own course means finding the programming that’s right for you and your body. Choose from complimentary daily program options to create the most meaningful CIVANA experience for you.

Create your own current.
Carve your own course.

Complimentary programs offered daily as part of your stay.


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