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Coming Winter 2018

Evolution Spa will be replaced this winter with the 22,000 square foot Spa CIVANA – designed to take you back to the origins Salus Por Aquam (Health through Water) by offering a choice of hydrotherapy immersions that include a tepidarium, hot/cold walking pool, cold plunge shower and saunarium. The ritual of “taking the waters” is intrinsic to the traditions of spa along with alternating hot and cold exposure. A pre and post ritual to ground the body for the healing therapies.

CIVANA Carefree - Spa CIVANA Exterior

Features  of  Spa  CIVANA

  • Solar
  • Water harvesting
  • 22,000 square  feet  of  indoor  space  with  a  Hydrotherapy  Circuit  immersion  area  featuring  a  warm  therapeutic  soaking  pool,  hot/cold  walking  pool,  cold  plunge  shower and  a Saunarium
  • Dedicated men’s  &  women’s relaxation  areas  with  steam  rooms
  • 29 Treatment  areas  including  1  Watsu® pool,  2  couples  rooms,  3  wet  treatment  rooms,  4  facial  rooms,  1 Thai  room  and  19  massage
  • Co-ed Relaxation  lounge-  900  square  feet/688  square  foot  outdoor  balcony  with  beautiful  vistas  of  black  mountain  and  continental  range
  • Outdoor/resort lap  pool  area  exclusive  to  spa  guests
  • Salon and retail
  • Outdoor walking  paths,  medicine  wheel,  labyrinth
CIVANA Pillars Spa

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